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Eater of the Palpitating Diamondback Heart

Welcome to Hurricane Alley

Matt Mitchell
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Viva la Beaver!

Name: Matt Mitchell
Occupation: Mobile Signal Analyst
Who I am: Southerner, writer, technophile, conservative liberal (I adhere to no political party; I'm just hoping for a great leader to stand and be recognised. I'm still waiting.), naturalist. I'm married to my One True Love, who I met when I was 14 (she was 13). We were together for 2 years then, and off and on for a few more years, and then married finally in 2003. Now we've got two little boys (Luke an' Liam), a deaf dog (Terra), and a deaf cat (Shaboogie).
Employer: SouthernLINC Wireless (LINC stands for Long-range Integrated Network Communications)
Hobbies: Writing, adventuring.
Religious Affiliation: Universal Life Church Minister Since: 2/22/2001
Disclaimer: The ULC is not what you might call a "real" church. All you have to do is float them a form and they'll make you a minister. ;-) But I WILL officiate your wedding. Imagine; it will go like this: To the husband, "Do you?" Then to the wife, "Do you?" And finally, to both of you, "Then y'are."
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Cock
Theme Song: (depends on mood and changes frequently, but could be any of the following:) Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett; Orgasmatron by Motorhead; Fuck You by Damageplan; Happy by Mudvayne; Lonesome, Orn'ry and Mean by Waylon Jennings.