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Matt Mitchell
Montevallo, Alabama, United States
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adventure, alabama, appalachian trail, arrested development, astronomy, atlanta braves, aubrey/maturin, autumn, bananas, beach, birmingham, blackberries, blues, bonfires, books, buffy, bvi, canoeing, caribbean, classic country, cocktails, coconuts, coffee, comics, crimson tide football, cuba, deadwood, delta blues, diners, fiction writing, firefly, florida, florida keys, foosball, free cuba, freemasonry, grumman albatross, gulf of mexico, gulf shores, hard rock, harley davidson, hiking, hilarity, horror, iden, innerarity, jack kirby, jalapenos, kayaking, luau, luaus, mangos, metal, motorcycles, motorcycling, movies, music, my name is earl, natchez trace, new orleans, new writers, orange beach, orchids, palm trees, parrothead, perdido key, peter island, pirates, polaroids, post cards, reading, red bull, reggae, retro, road trips, road-trips, sailing, scarface, scifi, seaplanes, serenity, sirius satellite radio, southern, southern linc, speculative fiction, spring, stars, stephen king, sturgis, summer, sunsets, sunshine, surf & sun, surfing, sushi, tattoos, the godfather, the moon, the ocean, the sopranos, the south, the sun, tiki, tiki culture, tikis, triumph, undiscovered writers, vacations, vintage, voodoo, vulcan, weekender, weekends, werewolves, west indies, whales, whippoorwills, wilbur smith, wine, wolverine, writing, zombies
Viva la Beaver!

Name: Matt Mitchell
Occupation: Mobile Signal Analyst
Who I am: Southerner, writer, technophile, conservative liberal (I adhere to no political party; I'm just hoping for a great leader to stand and be recognised. I'm still waiting.), naturalist. I'm married to my One True Love, who I met when I was 14 (she was 13). We were together for 2 years then, and off and on for a few more years, and then married finally in 2003. Now we've got two little boys (Luke an' Liam), a deaf dog (Terra), and a deaf cat (Shaboogie).
Employer: SouthernLINC Wireless (LINC stands for Long-range Integrated Network Communications)
Hobbies: Writing, adventuring.
Religious Affiliation: Universal Life Church Minister Since: 2/22/2001
Disclaimer: The ULC is not what you might call a "real" church. All you have to do is float them a form and they'll make you a minister. ;-) But I WILL officiate your wedding. Imagine; it will go like this: To the husband, "Do you?" Then to the wife, "Do you?" And finally, to both of you, "Then y'are."
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Cock
Theme Song: (depends on mood and changes frequently, but could be any of the following:) Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett; Orgasmatron by Motorhead; Fuck You by Damageplan; Happy by Mudvayne; Lonesome, Orn'ry and Mean by Waylon Jennings.